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     As a child, Brent loved to doodle and create characters. He was mesmerized by the work of legendary animators Ollie Johnston, Freddie Moore and others. As an adult, Brent came to see that a good story is a powerful tool to make meaningful differences in people's lives.  

     In the spring of 2010, Brent decided to do something about his childhood passion. Later that year, he released his first book Neckless: The Audrey Amaka Story. The response was enthusiastic. In the years since, Brent has written and illustrated six more books for his own company, Georgie IV Publishing LLC. Two of his recent titles also include read along CDs with character voices, sound effects and a musical score.


     Brent is a stickler for excellence at every stage of production. Along with a well-crafted story, a character-building message, and brilliant illustrations, each book is printed with quality and durability in mind.

     For more information about Brent's stories, be sure to check out the Audrey Amaka and Gingerbrood dedicated pages.

     Along with his own titles, Brent has art directed and illustrated a number of children's books for other authors and publishers. To inquire about custom illustration or layout services, contact us here.

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