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Check out "Audrey Amaka & the Scarecrow"
mini comic featuring Audrey and her friends!

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     Mr. and Mrs. Amaka had high hopes for their unborn baby. Very high hopes. But when little Audrey came into the world without a neck, their dreams were crushed. A neckless giraffe? How could this happen?


     With the help of her friends Nelson and Doodle, Audrey learns that God created each one of us uniquely. Standing tall is not the same as being tall. Join Audrey and her sparkly blue high heels on this heartwarming adventure! 



The Audrey Amaka Story

B O O K   O N E



     Towering waterfalls, cosmic events, artistic honey bees, and so much more! Curiosity Crescent, with its strange and magnificent wonders, was the one place that Audrey dreamed of visiting. But when her dream came true, Audrey and her friends found themselves facing a big decision.

     Put on your hiking boots (or sparkly blue heels) and join Audrey as she learns the importance of obedience and responsibility!


Curiosity Crescent:

An Audrey Amaka Story

B O O K   T W O



     When Audrey's cousin arrives unannounced from the Congo, Audrey is less than pleased. But when Cousin Ornela, a young okapi, begins to imitate everything she does, Audrey's patience is tested like never before.

     On the sparkly blue heels of Curiosity Crescent comes a hilarious and heartfelt story in which Audrey learns to be a good role model and Ornela discovers her very own God-given talents.            

The OkapiCat:

An Audrey Amaka Story

B O O K   T H R E E

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