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Summatime Part 1- Orlando, Ireland, Tennessee and more...

Happy summer, folks! Just a quick update here... I'm able to work remotely, but I have been "out of the office" mentally and emotionally the past several weeks. And it's been wonderful! Let me explain.

Back in May, I had the opportunity to exhibit at the FPEA Homeschoolers convention in Orlando. It's always great fun to attend these events and have the opportunity to highlight my children's books. In the best (most humble) possible way, I'm so proud of the Audrey Amaka and Gingerbrood books. It's been such a pleasure to create something with such quality, appeal, and lasting value.

The show was encouraging in many respects. It was a joy to meet lots of wonderful folks. We hope to be back next year (with *cough* a new book!)

Near the end of June, I was joined by six of my talented friends for a wonderful 12-day trip to the Emerald Isle. Most of our time was spent singing and sharing at the Summerfire Conference near Cork, Ireland, but we certainly appreciated the opportunity to do bit of sightseeing along the way.

Without going into detail right now, I feel that God has been doing a new thing in my heart and life. For the past month or so, there's been a stirring in my soul... a hunger to know the depths of His goodness... and to truly experience a Spirit-led life like never before. My experience at Summerfire (among other things) only amplified these desires. It's been life changing and I'm sure I'll be sharing more about it in coming days.

Returning home from Ireland, I slept four hours and hopped on another plane, this time to meet my family for a few beautiful days of R&R in the Smokies. I have the best parents and sister.... and we all loved the Tennessee views...

I currently at home in Florida for another few days before heading out for my Summatime '18 tour. Sam and I will be sharing nearly 30 concerts between July 22 and September 2. I would very much appreciate your prayers! While I look forward to every stop, I never want to view these bookings as just "gigs." Every opportunity to share the love of Jesus (on stage or off) is a good one... Please pray for travel safety and solid presentations, but--most of all--please pray that the name of Jesus Christ would be lifted up in dynamic, life-changing ways.

My full itinerary can be accessed here. I hope to see many of you along the way....

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