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A Quick 2019 Recap!

Happy New Year! After a wonderful Christmas break, I'm back in the saddle, anxious to take on new projects and looking forward to the upcoming concert tours.

Here's a few highlights from this past year:

February: Keys: Songs from the Altar was released

February & March: 20+ Concert Late Winter Tour

April & Early May: 20 Concert Spring Tour

Late May: 10 Concert May Tour

July & August: 25+ Concert "Summatime" Tour

August: New Book! Cookies and Colors with the Gingerbrood was released

September: Released a New Gingerbrood Christmas tree ornament

September: Exhibited at MOMcon with Audrey Amaka

September & October: 18 Concert Autumn Tour

November: 10 Concert November Jaunt

December: 16 Concert "Christmas Carols & Conversations" Tour with special guest Garrison from The Gingerbrood.

Along the way, I was thankful for a number of smaller projects and various activities. It really was a good year. And I am so looking forward to 2020!

If you are inclined to pray for this ministry, we would appreciate that. Here's some specific ways you can pray:

1. Fruitful Ministry. Having a "job" is nice. Having an income is important. But I'm very concerned that this work not just be about my livelihood. With God's help, I want to make a difference for good. Please pray that I would be faithful, focused, and intentional about each presentation and creative endeavor. Spirit, guide me.

2. Opportunities. I regularly receive invitations to share in various places around the country, but the scheduling of a solid concert tour that makes sense logistically and financially is a lot of work and quite time consuming. Will you pray that God will open all the right doors and, if it's not too much too ask, do this in such a way that allows me to use my time in the most productive way? Time is such a precious commodity.

3. The Right Projects. At the start of each year, I put together a list of creative projects... new story ideas, new recording ideas, new products or themed events. Most of those projects don't happen, but some do! And I need guidance and wisdom as to the best use of the available time and money... What will do the most good? What will bring the most glory to God? What is the best use of my specific skill sets? I don't want to be wasteful.

Please let me know if there is any way I can pray for you as we head into this new year. We all need each other so much. Thanks again for those of you who have shown kindness and been so supportive!

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