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New Music Featured on Soundtrack Relaxation YouTube Channel

Hello, friends! I just wanted to let you know about something that I've been a part of for several weeks now. It's a new YouTube channel called Soundtrack Relaxation: Calming Ambience. This channel is home to a growing library of long play, dark screen videos with nature sounds (ocean waves, rainfall, thunder, etc.) and soft music for sleep, study, and relaxation. With nearly thirty videos posted, there are many immersive audio environments to enjoy.

You can hear my music on the videos called Forest Reflections and Last Light. I truly hope these videos bring a sense of calm, especially in these tumultuous times.

I'm excited about this channel and look forward to contributing more music in coming days. If you enjoy these videos, please consider subscribing to the channel. It really does help!

Soundtrack Relaxation is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Teespring.

Now, relax & unwind...

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1 Comment

Becky Anderson
Becky Anderson
Jul 04, 2023

Love the channel, and the music. Thanks for recommending it. I have passed it on to my congregation, Becky

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