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The Return of Audrey Amaka!

With all the disruption in the last two years, I haven't been much of a blogger here on the website. If you'd like to stay in touch a little better, I encourage you to "Like" my Facebook page or follow my Facebook personal profile. I tend to share a lot more over there, and with much more regularity.

Thankfully, my schedule is picking up again. I just returned home from a 2+ week tour in Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. It was wonderful! Next week, I'll be exhibiting and promoting my children's books at a trade show in Orlando. The week after that, I'll be heading to North Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey. I'm still so very thankful for every opportunity!

Speaking of my children's books, I'm super excited about the upcoming release of the new Audrey Amaka storybook "Audrey & The Nutcracker." It's been nine years (*gulp*) since the last Audrey story was released and I'm thrilled that she's back.

Those who have attended my recent concerts have had early access to the book, but online sales will launch in July if all goes as planned. We will also be launching a dedicated "Audrey & The Nutcracker" page on my website with free downloadable activity pages.

In September, I'll also be releasing a four part YouTube series called "Making A Storybook" in which I'll cover some history and my process for creating this new book. I'm pretty pumped about it all!

That's it for now! Please keep checking back for more information. If you haven't signed up for my e-newsletter, be sure to do so. We'll be sure to send updates as soon as the books and YouTube shows are available!

Take good care!


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