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Singer songwriter Brent Vernon with ventriloquist puppet Sam


     Brent Vernon is a singer-songwriter and ventriloquist based in South Florida. Since 1995, Brent and his pal Sam have crisscrossed the United States countless times, sharing a variety of concerts and presentations in churches, schools, and at special events. Brent's music and ministry travels have taken him to all 50 states, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean.


     Brent has released three studio albums, two instrumental albums and several other recorded works for children and adults alike.


     He is also a children's author and illustrator of seven children's books, including the Audrey Amaka and Gingerbrood series. Audrey & the Nutcracker is his most recent release.


     With each song, story, and presentation, Brent strives to connect with his audiences in meaningful ways. Most of all, Brent hopes to connect people with the ultimate Creative, the Author of life itself.

     More detailed information about Brent's life and work can be found here.

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