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Hope-filled Encounters

I just returned home from a 10-day road trip. Most of my trips are filled with family concerts, but this time, we focused on my children's books, particularly the Audrey Amaka stories. Last week, I exhibited at a convention in Dayton, Ohio then spent the weekend at Crossroads Church in Circleville, Ohio sharing several times with the children and youth through music and various activities. It was wonderful!

Audrey Amaka was actually with me on the road and that's always fun... greeting her "fans" and making new friends along the way. My love for the live character experience goes back to my childhood and I really hope to do much more of that in the future! We really appreciated all the folks who lined up to meet her.

On Sunday morning at Crossroads, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Joe Savage and hearing about an amazing organization he founded called Roads of Hope. It's easy to spend our days spouting our perspectives on social media, but Dr. Savage is putting action to his faith in a way that I rarely see up close.

Since 2014, Roads of Hope has been working in Moldova, rescuing young girls from sex trafficking by providing them safe housing and, in many cases, permanent homes. I urge you to check out this great work. More and more doors of opportunity are opening for Roads of Hope and Dr. Savage & his team are looking for help. Such a worthy cause!

Please check out site and the video below. This is truly amazing.

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