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New "Brent & Sam" Music Coming In 2024

For the last few months, Sam and I have been writing and recording a brand new album! It's been way too long since Sam's 2006 release Sam Songs: Volume One - an album that continues to sell!

The upcoming project will include new songs that fill a particular space in our concert sets and school assemblies. No, it will not be Sam Songs: Volume Two since it will not feature Sam exclusively. However, we are very excited about this unique collection and hope you'll love it.

At this point, the songs are all written, rough tracks are programmed, lead vocals are 95% recorded, some of the editing is completed and we are in the process of recording background vocals. We still need to finish that, then add the orchestrations, finish and finesse the tracks, mix, master, cover art... then we'll be done!

You can look for this album, tentatively self-titled Brent Vernon & Sam, to arrive in early April.

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